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Anti-Hack Measures

Delivered extra anti-hack structures
“Ever considering that April, we commenced to take strong movements towards hackers via banning their money owed and gadgets from playing unfastened hearth ever once more. But, we’re no longer going to forestall right here. On this patch, we’re including new anti-hack structures into our sport to make sure that no gamers have become an area via using 0.33-celebration programs to assist them. The Dev crew would like to remind all gamers that we have a 0-tolerance policy against hackers. When players are banned from the use of unofficial third birthday celebration programs, we can no longer lift the ones bans underneath any instances, any time.”

Conflict Squad 

Rank Season 1 - the beginning
Season starts offevolved 06/04 17:00 GMT+8
“despite being inside the preseason, gamers have been sending us lots of feedback on how we are able to enhance in Season 1. We’re adding in lots of features this season to make sure the first-rate possible enjoy available. This indicates we’re tackling the AFKers, restricting the grenade spams, and, most importantly, adding seasonal rank rewards. Get ready to start mountain climbing right after the patch!”

Kalahari may be added to the matchmaking pool.

Delivered a brand new leaderboard for Kills and Winrate.

Added profession overall performance page for clash Squad in player’s profile

Players can be banned quickly from conflict Squad (Ranked) in the event that they depart inside the middle of the suit too often.

Bot will take manipulate over disconnected / AFK teammates. 

Season praise: The Golden Eagle can be available for players who attain Gold III.
Season 1 duration: 06/04 17:00~07/29 12:00.

New conflict Squad keep: 


Tier 1






Four hundred




Tier 2










Tier three










Tier four











Tier 1

Lvl 2 Vest

Lvl 2 Helmet

Lvl 3 Vest

Armor repair


Four hundred

2 hundred

A thousand



Tier 1

Grenade *2

Gloo Wall *3

Smoke *1




Three hundred

Three hundred

A hundred


To be had in all Modes
“We’ve expanded the scale and changed the coloration of the hitmarkers in this patch so it's miles extra apparent whilst your shot connects with the enemy. Attempt it out by way of turning it on inside the settings menu!”

New Hitmarkers to be had in the settings menu.

Map commencing adjustment
“We’re including again Purgatory - traditional due to the fact many gamers told us that they leave out the gradual and comfortable sport tempo of the map. Allow us to understand what you ignored the maximum!”

Removed: Purgatory - Rush Hour

Purgatory - conventional now to be had.

Data field
Adjusted information sharing mechanism
“It became a pain factor for gamers to should sync the secure region's place given through the info container to their teammates. We are going to make this facts sync robotically so no additional communique is wanted.”

Data container will display the secure area’s location with teammates. 

Advanced Attachment - VSS
Improved Bleeding damage
“The bleeding impact of the VSS was just a bit off from in which we hoped it'd be. We're giving it a little addition in power to make the weapon greater viable in competitive play.”

Bleeding damage: 7->8

Advanced Attachment - Kar98k
Elevated length among photographs
“The Kar98k with its superior attachment, Biometric Scope, turned into a bit too sturdy when players mastered the quick swap mechanics. We are taking a number of the velocity away to keep away from gamers rapid-firing with  Kar98k.”

Time to unscope after shot: -30%


Eliminated activation situations
“We’re getting rid of the 150HP/EP restriction for the inhaler so you can use it anywhere, every time.”

The inhaler can now be used at any EP/HP. 

Weapon and stability

New Weapon - M82B
To be had within the warm area (classic Mode) & conflict Squad save
“Ever in view that we released the ice gun, we started to get hold of increasingly complaints about needing new objects to counter all of the gloo walls. This patch, we're introducing a new sniper rifle with unique Ballistic recommendations to reduce the power of gloo walls in the end recreation. The M82B’s stopping power will no longer be as sturdy because the AWM, however it'll offer regular harm to gloo walls and gamers who hide in the back of them.”

Damage Ratio: a hundred sixty five
Minimal damage: one hundred twenty
Magazine potential: eight
Powerful variety: forty~90m
Motion velocity: 90%
Armor Penetration: 30%
“Ballistic pointers” - Penetrates gloo partitions and deals 80% damage to enemies behind it. Also deals 200% damage to cars and gloo partitions.

Harm, price of fire and Armor Penetration growth
“The SKS become on par with the ARs in most classes however it changed into notably inconsistent due to its slow price of fire. We’re growing the charge of hearth a piece and adding a body-shot harm multiplier to ensure it performs better against transferring goals in distance.”

Harm to frame: +40%

Rate of fireplace: +7%

Armor Penetration: +10%

Damage and Armor Penetration growth
“The SVD become in a terrible spot because it was plenty weaker in comparison to other air-drop guns. We are adding a frame-shot harm multiplier and increasing the armor penetration of the SVD so its harm output can be lots more constant. ”

Harm to frame: +50%

Armor Penetration: +30%

Variety and minimal harm lower
“We already took motion at the M1887 closing patch however it was honestly not sufficient. The M1887 changed into nevertheless outperforming all the other shotguns by lots so we’re going to take some of that energy away. Don’t worry, although, we’re now not going to reduce the flat damage ratio so this gun will nonetheless be extraordinarily deadly if you hit both of your pictures.”

Effective variety: -15%

Minimal damage: -2

Base harm and minimum harm boom
“The M14 turned into suffering in long-variety battles due to the fact the harm fall off was an excessive amount of for it to be effective. We’re increasing the harm ratio and minimum damage of the M14 with the aid of a piece to increase its performance in lengthy-range.”

Harm Ratio: 50->58
Minimum harm: 20->30

Adjusted the amount of ammo according to stack
“We realized that gamers appear to carry too much SR/SG ammo for the duration of battles due to the fact they can't cut up the ammo into one of a kind stacks. We're reducing the quantity of SR/SG ammo in line with stack to free up a few stock area.”

SR ammos 30->20 consistent with stack

SG ammos 30->20 in step with stack

Man or woman, talent, and puppy

Lively ability trade  
Available inside the character menu
“Even the pets can do it, why not humans?”

Players can now equip different man or woman’s lively talents as long as no other lively competencies are prepared.

Talent Activation signs  
To be had in all modes
“one in every of the most important lawsuits we’ve acquired about individual talents is that players do now not recognize when their skills are powerful. We’re including this new mechanism into our sport so gamers can recognize when their skills are activated.”

Passive skill icons will now mild up upon activation.

New individual - Wolfrahh 
Available in the unfastened fire save
“can you imagine a online game without streamers?”

Limelight: With every additional observer or kills: harm taken from headshots decreases by 10/eleven/12/thirteen/14/15%, up to 25%. Damage to enemy’s limbs will increase via 15/16/17/18/19/20%, as much as 25%

New pet - Falco 
Available within the unfastened fire keep
“Falco can be joining the unfastened hearth global. Carry him to warfare to make certain your crew is the first one to land onto the conflict fields.”

Skyline Spree: 15/30/forty five% growth in gliding pace upon skydive. 25/37/50% increase in diving pace after the parachute opens. (effect applies to the complete group).

Game Modes

Bomb Squad
Available 06/thirteen 04:00 SGT
“Bomb Squad received a number of high-quality feedback while we first launched it ultimate up to date. Gamers genuinely favored the extra goal that permits them to execute more complex strategies, however they disliked the weapon presets because it restrained the weapons available. This patch, we’re updating the objectives of Bomb Squad so that they’re greater obvious and we’re replacing the weapon presets with a store just like conflict Squad.”

Removed: Preset weapon menu.

Delivered the armory machine for gamers to purchase weapons.

Extended the exceptional of bombsite icons.

Brought spherical precis at the quit of each round

The website vicinity of the bomb may be discovered once the bomb has been planted.

Education Grounds
New areas and gadgets delivered
“motors and gloo walls are  of the most asked objects from the education Grounds. We’re adding each items on this patch after we freed up a few area in the exercise range.”

Separated the taking pictures range and the practice region.

Brought cars in the education floor.

Introduced gloo walls into the armory.
Introduced M82B into the armory.

Other Optimizations

Emote Slots
Increase slots to be had in step with player
“You guys requested and we delivered.”

Emote Slots elevated from 6->eight

Guild gadget
Available in all modes
“the largest pain point of the guild gadget became loss of powerful management gear. We’re giving Guild leaders and officials new administrative powers to present them an less difficult time coping with and growing their empire. ”

Added new sign-in rewards.

Guilds can now upload stage and rank necessities for applicants.

Guild officials will now have access to all of the management features besides appointing new officers and disbanding the guild.

Other Optimizations
Optimized UI for in-sport mailbox.
Brought special facial expressions for Kelly “The quick”
In near combat mode, HP regeneration from EP will boom 
Optimized Emote Equipping mechanism
Delivered a placing to block birthday celebration invitations from non-buddies.
While preserving down the hearth button throughout reload, the weapon will fire instantly right after the reload animation.
Adjusted novice rewards. 
Optimized Armor display on players’ HUD.
Delivered a “10 draw” alternative within the incubator.
Introduced a 30 seconds heat up period for all near fight modes.

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