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New Map - Kalahari

“after we released our 2d map, Purgatory, we found out you didn’t like it as a great deal as we expected. After engaging in studies, we observed out the purpose for that became that the map is simply too just like Bermuda. Considering then, we commenced to have extra conversations with players all over the international on what you men absolutely want for our third map. Besides the complete new fashion, many of you also requested for a map with extra actions and we hope to deliver on that. In Kalahari, gamers will not most effective see a map with precise landmarks that gives a few insights at the story at the back of loose fire, however additionally a battlefield that is filled with motion. For extra facts approximately Kalahari, stay tuned for the incoming Devblog!”

Purgatory - classic will not be to be had
Purgatory - Rush Hour might be available day by day beginning from 02/28 18:00~22:00
Kalahari - traditional might be to be had 02/28 04:00am
New Map - training Grounds

“You’ve been asking for an area where you may try out all the guns and hangout with friends for a while now. As we start to introduce an increasing number of items into the sport, we experience like it is essential to have a manner for you to test out all the weapons before going into struggle.”

Education Grounds will be to be had 02/28 04:00am

Crew Deathmatch
New item presets and respawn factors adjustments
“crew Deathmatch become released in our previous update and also you guys cherished it. The excessive amount of movement in each game maintains it speedy and attractive, that's some thing you let us realize you revel in loads. On this patch, we’re going to be adding a few new mechanisms so gamers do not get spawn camped and feature expanded survivability each lifestyles to preserve the ball rolling.”

All object presets will now provide armor and helmet for the players.
Added new guns into the weapon selection pool.
Delivered airdrop within the map. Up to 10 airdrops may be spawned in every healthy.
Added new respawn factors in each play region.
New person - Steffie
To be had in loose fire store
“We’re excited to introduce Steffie, a graffiti artist who is prepared to exchange the sector. Steffie’s particular capacity will help boom her crew’s shielding stats in a small vicinity. This ability can be superb for teams who are trying to combat for survival inside the very last play zones. ”

Painted safe haven: Create graffiti that reduces explosive damage via 15/17/19/21/23/25% and bullet damage with the aid of 5% for 5/6/7/eight/nine/10 seconds. CD forty five seconds.
To be had in classic Mode
“The inhaler can be the second recovery item in loose fire. Although it does not heal as an awful lot because the medkit, it lets in gamers to move at the same time as recuperation. The inhaler could be an experimental object for now on account that recovery and moving is a totally new mechanism. We are able to be monitoring the feedback closely and adjust the stats of it for that reason. Allow us to recognize what you suspect!”

May be used at the same time as moving
Repair 25 HP and EP (as much as one hundred fifty)
Electric Surfboard
To be had in traditional Mode
“it has been a long time for the reason that we introduced new special gadget into our sport. The electric Surfboard will carry a variety of mobility but leave its person a chunk greater exposed. We tuned down the surfing velocity by means of a little in view that we found out that players were having a difficult time controlling the surfboard in the superior server. Thank you on your comments!”

Browsing pace: four.Sixty five (sprint speed: three.25)
Velocity even as boosting: 12
Enhance period: three seconds
Accelerated price of fire and recoil stabilization
“The AN94 still felt like a weaker version of the AK47 notwithstanding our efforts to buff it in previous updates. This time round, we’ll be changing the characteristics of the weapon in place of simply changing by myself. After the replace, the AN94 ought to be extra stable and viable in mid to long-variety fight.”

Harm ratio: 38->36
Fee of fire expanded via 11%
Minimal range elevated
Cringe recuperation pace accelerated via one hundred%
Removed the muzzle attachment slot
Harm and charge of fire growth
“The XM8 changed into designed to be a weapon this is extremely cellular and clean to apply. But, we realized that the mobility gain of this weapon did not make up for the lower harm output. This update, we’re going to increase the damage of the XM8 a chunk and adding additional stats to make it even simpler to apply whilst you’re shifting round. After the adjustments, the XM8 have to experience plenty “lighter” to apply. Let us recognize the way you experience about the modifications!”

Damage ratio: 30->33
Price of fire expanded by using 18%
Magazine capability: 30->25
Range reduced by way of five
Accuracy decreased by means of 5%
Motion pace whilst aiming improved by using 15%
Shooting at the same time as moving will no longer lessen accuracy at the XM8.
Guns delivered to Rank Mode:
   - Double mag
   - Ice Gun (Airdrop best)
   - Kar98k - Bio Scope
   - VSS - Ripper Bullet
   - M14 - Rage center
Advanced Attachments

AWM - Armor-Piercer
Available in traditional Mode
Deal 300% greater damage to any protecting gear. (Does no longer deal more damage to gamers HP)
PLASMA - Thermal increase
Available in classic Mode
Boom the time it takes to overheat by using 33%, however reduces the cooldown time via 33%.
Harm increases as PLASMA receives toward overheating.
Other modifications

Pals list
   - trendy UI
   - Optimized the recommended pals’ listing
   - gamers can now block friend requests from different players
Birthday celebration
   - brought an “Invite” button in the lobby to open the celebration menu
   - players can now send requests to enroll in a party
   - gamers can now be part of a celebration via an invite code
   - celebration host can now dispose of teammates from the birthday celebration
   - added a “these days performed” tab within the party menu
   - gamers can now interchange puppy competencies with different abilties they have already got.
   - sprint will now not be interrupted by energetic talents.
   - gamers can now mute selected teammates in voice chat
   - Icon of the fire button will exchange based totally at the weapons used.
   - Optimized vehicle HP display.
   - added an option to switch weapons robotically while going for walks out of ammo.
   - brought pointers to apply the health % while HP is low.
   - brought a putting that permits the minimap to be scaled automatically

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