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Clash Squad

Rank Mode for conflict Squad

“conflict Squad has already end up one of the middle game modes of unfastened fireplace except the traditional conflict Royale. We have obtained feedback from a lot of you men announcing that you hope you may take game mode to a aggressive stage and we also believe there’s capacity for it. This patch, we’re launching conflict Squad - Ranked for you guys to combat for the spots on the pinnacle of the ladder. This mode could have a separate and distinctive ranking mechanism than the Rank Mode in struggle Royale. We’re preserving the informal Mode for clash Squad available for gamers who are still getting geared up, but in any other case, it is time to rank up!” 

Clash Squad - Pre Season will be stay on 04/09 15:00 SGT

Smoke Grenade
Available in conflict Squad store
“The smoke grenade has been one on most of your desire lists for the reason that launch of the smoke barrel. We’re giving it a try in clash Squad this season to look what form of strategic gameplays you guys will develop with this introduced to the game.”

To be had in clash Squad best.

Every player can handiest bring one smoke grenade.

Charge: 300

Smoke period: 25s 

Clash Squad - store replace
To be had in clash Squad casual & Ranked
“We’re changing the pricing and changing some weapons based on the popularity from ultimate season. Anticipate extra changes during the season as we retain to put in effort to stability clash Squad’s gameplay.”

Changed the UMP with M60.

Changed the CG-15 with Thompson.

Changed the Flash Grenade with Smoke Grenade.

Kar98k now comes with the Biometric Scope.

Improved the fee for the XM8 & M1014.


New individual - Kapella
Available in free fire keep
“Kapella - A lead singer of a Kpop band has joined free fireplace!”

Restoration track- growth the effects of recovery items via 10/12/14/sixteen/18/20%, recovery abilities by 10%. Reduce ally HP loss whilst downed via 20/22/24/26/28/30%. Consequences do not stack. 

Available in all modes
“You guys asked and we delivered.”

Motorbike now supports  gamers.

To be had in traditional mode
“We’re introducing a new weapon, Thompson, in this patch. The Thompson is an SMG with a large mag, it presents less preventing power compared to the MP40, but the consistency of the weapon is awesome in mid-to-near range.”

Damage: 50

Rate of fireplace: 77

Mag: forty

Accuracy: 34

Reload: 48

Variety: 33

Weapon stats adjustment
“We felt like the performance of the MP5 changed into still a piece off even after adding the electric Booster. We are buffing the MP5 a bit bit to boom its viability in mid-to-close range combat.”

Fee of fire +25%

Accuracy +7%

Motion pace while taking pictures +20%

Effective variety +13%

Eliminated the grip attachment slot

Particular pictures first three->6

Weapon stats adjustment
“The UMP performs certainly well at the beginning of a match, however it falls off sharply because of the low effectiveness in opposition to armor. We're increasing the armor penetration and damage by means of a chunk to increase its viability against armored enemies.”

Harm +1

Min. Harm +5

Armor penetration +25%

Draw back -25%

Motion pace +15%

Variety -five%

Weapon stats adjustment
“The M1887 changed into a bit sturdy compared to different shotguns due to its extremely low reload time, leaving the opponent almost no chance for counterplay. We are increasing the reload time on the M1887 and decreasing the minimum harm to make sure there may be a window of possibility for different gamers to react.”

Armor Penetration +6%

Rate of fireplace +four%

Reload -30%

Min. Damage -1

New puppy - Ottero
Available in the loose fireplace shop on 04/13
“*chirp chirp…**chirp chirp…*”

Double Blubber- while the use of a treatment gun or medkit, the receiver can even get better some EP. Amount of EP recovered is 30/50/sixty five% of the HP recovered.

Available in all modes on 04/18
“An airship could be overseeing Bermuda during the Wonderland occasion! Ensure you preserve your heads up to see what form of marvel it brings you.”

Available in traditional and Rank mode.

Different Optimizations

Gamers can now not hide on pinnacle of foliages.
Parachuting will now display backpack skin.
Delivered a placing to lessen the car-pickup put off.
Added Camo field (camouflage) in Kalahari
Gamers will no longer cancel picking up mushrooms with the aid of double-clicking the devour button. 
Using energetic talent whilst scoping will now not unscope the weapon.
Optimize the special effects for treasure maps.
Players can now see in the event that they’re in a ranked or informal fit.
TDM and clash Squad healthy effects and give up-screen optimization.
Brought a gallery for Elite Passes.
Elite skip principal web page UI optimization.
Day by day login praise button has been shriveled
Brought additional missions for Elite skip and Weekly challenges
Gamecenter log in is now supported.
Introduced Kalahari into the survivor manual.
Players can now brief-equip a person's distinct object upon unlocking.
Gamers can now purchase person fragments within the person choice menu.

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